Meet your Personal Finance Team

It's reassuring to know that there is always someone that you can talk to in confidence about your Debt Management Plan; experts that know your finances inside and out and work closely to manage your progress.

Your team will take care of the day-to-day running of your account, as well as being a dedicated point of contact whenever you call with questions or requests. They'll make sure your plan is always tailored to your needs and try to renegotiate your payments with the help of Credit Liaison specialists, should your situation change.

Just ask your PF team

  • Lenders calling you and sending you letters?Even after your plan is agreed, your lenders may still get in touch. But you can simply use the prepaid envelopes provided to send any letters to us, or tell them to contact us.
  • Trouble sticking to the plan?Talk to your Personal Finance Team – they could help renegotiate lower repayments, although your lenders are not guaranteed to accept them.
  • Need some financial questions answered?Your Personal Finance Team is available to give advice on all aspects of your Debt Management Plan and the other debt solutions that are available to you.

How can your PFM's help you?

"My name is Elaine and I'm a Personal Finance Manager at Gregory Pennington. I enjoy my job because I know that I make a real difference to my clients and the help I provide can quite literally change their lives.

Talking about your debts to someone can be overwhelming at first. I make sure that clients understand they can trust me with their personal information and feel reassured that the advice I give is a result of extensive training on all aspects of personal finance: sometimes my clients tell me that simply having someone to talk to about financial issues makes them feel more in control.

I'll call my clients even when their plan is running smoothly and encourage them to call me whenever there are any new developments - or even when they just need more prepaid envelopes! And because I keep in touch I'm able to spot any potential hiccups before they happen so their plan continues to run smoothly at all times.

As one of the main points of contact for your plan, I work alongside other experts to ensure that you get the best service and advice possible. I enjoy getting to know people and think that this really helps us to work together towards a debt free future. It is important to me that people feel able to discuss anything that’s troubling them, and see me as a partner in their success. "

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  • 0161 669 8925

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Mr M.D.Somerset

"Everyone I've dealt with has been practical, helpful, calm, non-judgemental and efficient. I'd recommend this service to anyone."

Ms C.I.London

"They took all the worries of dealing with phone calls and letters away from me and kept me informed of what was going where."

Mrs K.H.Norfolk

"From start to finish I felt as though I mattered. My case was dealt with care. I would definitely recommend your services."

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