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Gregory Pennington Online is your online account, which you can log into to and track how your debt management plan is progressing. All of our customers are given exclusive access to Gregory Pennington Online as part of their plan.

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What is Gregory Pennington Online?

Gregory Pennington Online is your private online debt management account. You can log on at any time to track how your debt management plan is progressing and view messages and statements to see how your money is distributed.

View debt management Payments and Arrangement with lenders

Your Gregory Pennington Online account has all the information about your plan, your lenders and your payments, displayed in a simple format.

You can see a full break down of your payments including all your creditors, the arrangements we have negotiated, your outstanding balances on your unsecured debts, how much you are repaying each of them every month, and whether they have frozen or reduced interest.

You can also see how changing your repayments would alter the remaining time on your plan, with our debt management calculator tool. Even increasing your repayments by a few extra pounds a month could knock months off your debt management plan.

You shouldn't need to deal directly with your lenders while you're on debt management. It's all part of the service we offer. We do ask that if you forward any letters from lenders onto us. You can request prepaid envelopes on Gregory Pennington Online.

You don't even need to open the letters from your lenders if you don't want to. Just send them on to us and we will contact your lenders for you. It's really important that you do this, especially if a lender was taking action against you, or requesting a payment review. Of course, we would deal with any issues on your behalf.

You'll also find the Support Centre, which is full of advice and money saving tips, which could help you to make the most of your money.

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Mr M.D.Somerset

"Everyone I've dealt with has been practical, helpful, calm, non-judgemental and efficient. I'd recommend this service to anyone."

Ms C.I.London

"They took all the worries of dealing with phone calls and letters away from me and kept me informed of what was going where."

Mrs K.H.Norfolk

"From start to finish I felt as though I mattered. My case was dealt with care. I would definitely recommend your services."

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