People have '£100 less disposable income' than a year ago

The Lloyds TSB Spending Power Report indicates that people's spending power had dropped by 0.9% over the year leading up to September. That means people had around £8 less to spend on non-essential or 'luxury' items each month. Read more

More people focused on repaying debts

People in the UK are generally unhappy about their financial situation, but are strongly focused on saving and getting out of debt, according to the latest 'Measuring National Wellbeing' report by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Almost Read more

'Downsizing' main reason for selling home

Downsizing is now the main reason people sell their home, and these days it's not just pensioners doing it, according to a new study by Lloyds TSB. The 'typical' pensioner often downsizes from a three- or four-bedroom property Read more

One in three students would live at home to reduce debt

One in three students say they'd consider living at home to limit the amount of debt they get into, according to a recent survey by the Money Advice Service. With this year's students paying up to £9,000 a Read more

Fear of debt affecting students' decisions about university

Research by the Sutton Trust has shown that some young people have been deterred from going to university by the prospect of debt. Some of those who aren't deterred from studying altogether may be put off going Read more
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