Get the best broadband deal for you

Can you remember a time without the internet? It seems like we use for it for everything these days! With that in mind, it’s really important you’re getting the best broadband deal you can. Let’s have a look at how you can get the broadband speed you need, at the best price.


Compare prices

As with anything you buy, you’ve got to shop around and make sure you’re getting the best price available. There’s plenty of choice when it comes to your broadband provider – use Broadband choices or Uswitch to compare prices.

When you’re using a price comparison site, the first thing it will ask you to do is give your postcode – so they can work out what services are available in your area (particularly cable services like Virgin, and fibre broadband). The site will then give you a list of providers, what the maximum speed you can expect from that package is, how long the contract is and of course how much it costs. A broadband contract is usually 12 months long, but some are 18 months. You can sometimes get an even better deal if you go for a longer contract.

Bear in mind that not all broadband options will be available in your area and the speed you’ll see advertised is the top speed possible. Providers only have to serve 10% of their customers with their top speed so, in theory, 90% of their customers could be getting slower speeds.

Curious to see how your current speed compares to what you’re actually paying for? Just enter your postcode and current provider on this page and find out what speed you’re actually getting.

What type of broadband do you need?

Before you go for a new deal, it’s best to have a think about how you use the internet and what you’ll need from your broadband. For example, if you’re the type of person who is always out and about, or you travel for work, you may decide that you need mobile broadband. Or you might love to stream movies and TV series, in which case you might decide you need unlimited broadband in your life. And if there are a number of you in the house – all streaming at the same time – you might want to upgrade to superfast fibre broadband.

Bear in mind that most broadband deals require you to have a landline. Most broadband providers will use the BT telephone line that runs into your house to deliver your broadband, so you have to have an active phone line. When you get a quote for this type of broadband, the price of the line rental is normally included in the overall price for the broadband, although it’s best to check this.

Virgin Media is the only major provider that provides broadband without the need for a landline. Have a look at their deals, if this is what you’re after – but you should still compare all your options to make sure you’re getting the best price.

Where you live matters

When you’re shopping around for broadband, it’s important to remember that where you live could affect what speed you get and what kind of broadband is available to you.

The three most common types of broadband available are ADSL, fibre optic and cable. ADSL is available pretty much everywhere (apart from the most rural areas) – this type of broadband is delivered via a traditional phone line. A large proportion of telephone exchanges have now been upgraded to provide fibre optic (i.e. the speed of light) superfast broadband. This offers fast surfing and downloads, but is more expensive. Check here, to find out whether you can get fibre optic in your area. Both of these services are delivered over the BT network, and are provided directly by the broadband company you choose, via BT Openreach.

Finally, Virgin Media offers a cable-based broadband service, alongside its TV packages, in parts of the UK. They can provide the service through a single cable that is laid into your home.

It’s ok to haggle

For some, haggling doesn’t come naturally, but it’s perfectly fine to haggle when it comes to the cost of certain products and services and broadband is on the list!

If you see a better deal elsewhere, you can call your current provider and see whether they will match the price. Or if you’ve seen attractive offers for new customers, call and flag this up with them and see whether they can do anything better for you. A lot of the time providers are willing to be flexible on price, if it means keeping a customer.

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