November 2012

House of Lords wants a cap on payday loan interest

The issue of payday loans, and the interest charged on them, has reached the House of Lords, reports the BBC . A Labour Peer, who is also a Bishop, felt that the Government's Financial Services Bill did Read more

Self-employed 'more dependent on debt'

The self-employed are more dependent on credit than people working for a company, and could be most at risk of falling into a cycle of debt problems. That's according to new research carried out by the University of Bristol's Read more

Little white lies? One in five 'keeps debts and savings secret from partner'

A survey of cohabiting couples over the age of 40 by Prudential found that one in five has debts that they haven't told their partner about, according to The Telegraph . That equates to around 6.2 Read more

Rising cost of living 'hits poorest hardest'

When people talk about inflation in the news, you may hear them mention the 'squeezed middle': an economic group of people on middle incomes, often mentioned as the group who've been hit hardest by the rising cost of living. Read more

Nearly half of Brits 'worse off than this time last year'

A survey by price comparison website found that nearly half of British people (49%) feel financially worse off than 12 months ago. The company has been asking British consumers the same question since August 2010, Read more

Money worries are the 'biggest cause of stress'

Research from Friends Life has found that, in general, money is the biggest stressor in our lives. 36% of people surveyed said that money was their main cause of stress, followed by work (25%) and relationships (16%). The Read more

How long would your savings last?

Have you ever wondered how you'd cope financially if you lost your income? Research from HSBC has found that 31% of UK households have less than £250 set aside in savings. According to HSBC's calculations, this amount could only Read more

Families 'could lose up to £50,000' due to child benefit cuts

Cuts in child benefit could see some families lose up to £50,000 by the time their youngest child turns 18, according to accountancy firm PwC. PwC's analysis found that child benefit cuts could cost a family with three Read more

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