January 2013

4.5 million households 'believe they are in fuel poverty'

Some 22% of UK households - 4.5 million in total - say they are in 'fuel poverty', according to the latest MoneyMood survey from Legal & General. The government defines fuel poverty as spending more than 10% of Read more

Poorest households 'spend more than half of income on bills'

The UK's poorest households are spending twice as much of their incomes on essential bills than the average, according to research by Santander. While the average UK household spends around 23% of monthly earnings on essential bills such Read more

How are families handling their debts?

According to the latest Aviva Family Finances Report , the average UK family owes £11,101 in January 2013 (not including mortgages). That's the highest level of debt recorded by the report since it began. In August 2012, Read more

Third of UK 'can't cover unexpected bills'

More than a third of people in the UK are living on such a tight budget that they simply can't afford unexpected financial expenses, according to a new report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The report, Read more

Struggling with your mortgage or rent might be costing you more than you think

If you're struggling to meet your mortgage or rent payments each month - and your arrears are growing - you're probably well aware of the financial cost. But trying to keep up with your housing costs can also cause Read more

Third of credit card holders 'use it to cover essentials'

More than a third of people with credit cards - equivalent to around 12 million people - will use their credit card to help cover their essential living costs this month, according to research by the Post Office. Read more

Is your wage keeping up with rising prices?

Since 2009, the average person (on a salary of £25,000) has lost nearly £4,000 in terms of what their money can buy, because their wage hasn't risen as fast as prices - according to the TUC. It Read more

9 million 'relying on a windfall' to secure their future

Nearly a quarter of people below retirement age are relying on some kind of financial windfall to fund their retirement years, according to retirement specialist LV=. With ongoing fears about a 'pensions gap' in the UK, it seems Read more

Debt problems? You're not alone

Do you have debt problems? You're not alone. A Credit Action report on the latest available facts about debt, spending and personal insolvencies in the UK reveals that there are hundreds of thousands of people with these kind of Read more

Will you have to cut down in 2013 to afford your mortgage?

Nearly one third of UK homeowners think they'll have to spend less in certain areas in 2013 so that they can afford their mortgage repayments. This is according to Legal & General's latest MortgageMood survey. The Read more

Millions struggling with rent / mortgage payments

Across Britain, millions of households are worried about keeping a roof over their heads as the New Year gets underway. A new survey from Shelter provides some disturbing figures. In just 12 months, it seems, there's Read more

Could rail fare increases turn more commuters onto the road?

Ticket prices have increased by an average of 3.9% from today, but season ticket holders will see their prices go up by 4.2%. And in some parts of the country, fares have increased by much more than this. Read more

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