How we set up your debt management plan

What solutions are available?
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The first step is to speak to us about your situation in confidence. Once we understand your situation, we can tell you about all the available options that could help you with your debt problems.

We cannot begin to make arrangements with your unsecured lenders until we know how much disposable income you have - in other words, how much you can afford to repay every month, so a member of our team will discuss this with you.

We have been arranging debt management plans since 1993, so we have a fair idea of what lenders will and will not accept. We create a 'financial statement' based on what you tell us and share it with your lenders to help us negotiate affordable payments with them.

Your lenders aren't legally obliged to accept your offer, but we'll ask them to freeze interest and charges, as well as accepting lower payments. They don't have to say 'yes', but many lenders prefer to receive regular, smaller repayments than nothing at all. We will talk to them on your behalf.

We can only contact your lenders once you have given consent in writing. When we have your consent, we ask them to accept lower repayments and freeze interest and charges. They are under no obligation to, but we do have excellent relationships with lenders and will do what we can to get a reduced arrangement in place.

All we need is your monthly payment and we'll handle the rest - and because your payment will be less than you've been paying, you should find your finances a little easier to manage.

How we deal with your lenders?

You will be assigned a Personal Finance Team, who you can contact to ask any questions about your Debt Management Plan. They will handle any calls and letters from your lenders too.

You will also have the benefit of a dedicated team that liaise with your lenders to negotiate repayment offers for you. Lenders are under no obligation to accept these lower payments, which is why it can be helpful to let someone else negotiate with them on your behalf.

We are only able to contact the lenders you tell us about, so we will need the account numbers of each of your credit agreements. We may also ask you to provide proof of income and expenditure too, so we can satisfy your lenders that you're repaying as much as you can realistically afford.

See how we negotiate with your lenders here

How we would work out your budget

We review your income and expenditure details to establish an affordable repayment amount, taking priority debts into consideration. We use these details when negotiating your new repayments.

We work out how much of your payment can go to each lender, based on how much you owe them. We work out payments on a pro-rata basis - so usually the biggest portion of your repayment goes towards your biggest debt every month. These payments are not set in stone because some lenders may ask for an additional amount. We do know that lenders are more likely to accept a plan if we treat everyone equally, so we work hard to ensure that each lender receives their fair share.

Other ways that we could help

Sticking to a realistic budget can help you to avoid debt problems in the future. We work with you to keep your payments affordable, with on-going help and support - including regular reviews of your plan. Keeping to the plan is very important as lenders often stop any other legal action or other debt collection action against you - but not sticking to the plan may mean these actions restart.

We have an online budget calculator which could help you work out a budget.

We have dedicated teams that can help people with debt problems to make the most of their money.

As part of your plan, we'll complete regular reviews to ensure your budget remains affordable and we'll offer advice to make your money go further with help from our dedicated specialists.

And if you have been having any legal issues with debts inside or outside of your plan, such as your mortgage or rent, we have specialist teams that could help you.

Gregory Pennington Online Debt Management

Gregory Pennington Online is our online debt management service. You can log on and check your progress, keep track of your payments and much more.

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