October 2012

Do you know what to do if a debt collector contacts you?

Do you know what your rights and responsibilities are if a debt collector gets in touch? Here we look at what you can do.

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Would a debt management plan affect my mortgage?

Debt management won't affect your current mortgage - in fact, it might make it easier for you to make your mortgage payments.

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How long will debt management stay on my credit record?

Lowering your repayments under debt management will have an effect on your credit rating, but it at least means you're getting your finances back under control.

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We've been helping people get out of debt for almost 20 years. Read more about what we do and the charities we support.

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Conditions Apply. Repaying your debt over a longer period of time can increase the total amount to be repaid. Your ability to obtain credit will be affected in the short term and may also be affected in the medium to long term. Fees are payable when continuing service is provided.
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Every month we help 1000s of people to get out of debt. We are proud of the service we provide and of the awards we've received.

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