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Interactive Insolvency Map - the Data

To create our Interactive Insolvency Map, we took data from: the Insolvency Service (debt statistics), the Office for National Statistics (population figures) and the Aviva Family Finances Report 2012 (average household debt).

Insolvencies in 2011

This table shows the total number of people who became insolvent in England and Wales in 2011 - by region. This includes Bankruptcies, IVAs and DROs.

Regions Total Insolvencies in 2011
North East 7,319
North West 16,200
Yorkshire and the Humber 12,255
East Midlands 10,956
West Midlands 11,964
East of England 12,097
London 10,803
South East 16,431
South West 13,048
Wales 6,968

IVAS (Individual Volunrary Arrangements) in 2011

This table shows the total number of people in IVAs in 2011. The data is sorted to show numbers in different regions of England and Wales.

Regions IVAs in 2011
North East 3,045
North West 6,718
Yorkshire and the Humber 5,147
East Midlands 4,501
West Midlands 5,224
East of England 4,903
London 4,228
South East 7,304
South West 4,518
Wales 2,796

DROs in 2011

This table shows the number of people who took part in a DRO in 2011. The data is broken down to show how many DROs there were in different regions of England and Wales.

Regions DROs in 2011
North East 1,907
North West 3,993
Yorkshire and the Humber 2,791
East Midlands 2,553
West Midlands 2,984
East of England 3,053
London 2,528
South East 3,371
South West 3,966
Wales 1,748

Bankruptcies in 2011

This table shows how many people went bankrupt in England and Wales in 2011 - by region.

Regions Bankruptcies in 2011
North East 2,367
North West 5,489
Yorkshire and the Humber 4,317
East Midlands 3,902
West Midlands 3,756
East of England 4,141
London 4,047
South East 5,756
South West 4,564
Wales 2,424

Population by region in 2011

This table shows the estimated population in England and Wales by region (in millions).

Regions Population by region in 2011
North East 2.6
North West 7.1
Yorkshire and the Humber 5.3
East Midlands 4.5
West Midlands 5.6
East of England 5.8
London 8.2
South East 8.6
South West 5.3
Wales 3.1

Typical family debt in 2011

This table shows the average unsecured debt in households in England and Wales.

Regions Typical family debt in 2011
North East £5,842
North West £15,462
Yorkshire and the Humber £9,882
East Midlands £4,166
West Midlands £6,561
East of England £7,357
London £33,168
South East £5,556
South West £7,500
Wales £5,093
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